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2295 East Bellamy Road
California CA 92262
United States
760-578-6706Mobile Phone
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Our tagline says “Quality Home Care: Redefined”. We are the first of its kind, non-medical care company, which has taken home care services to a whole new level. When you are using Inhomecare365 services, family members can see how their loved ones are doing no matter where they are as long as they have access to the internet via a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Our revolutionary system lets you see your loved ones health in real time as the caregiver is taking care of them. Imagine, by signing in through a secured login you are able to access the full daily schedule of your loved one and how he/she is doing from your office or home as long as you have internet access.
This way you don't have to call the agency, send an email or wait for someone to update you, as to how your loved one is doing. As long as you have internet and/or a smartphone you can check for yourself how your loved one is doing everyday. At InHomeCare365, this means we are at the center of an innovative and smart system, which takes complete care of your loved one. By signing in through a secured internet and/or a smartphone, we plan to set a new standard which is the first. We provide you with solutions. Home care is chosen after going thru an in-depth screening process in order to provide you the best service. Our list of caregivers is chosen after going thru a lengthy screening process so that we can give you the best service

California, CA
We Provide -- Personal ,Homemaking ,Senior Companion,Live In ,Aging,Cancer ,Arthritis,Illness ,Diabetic ,Disability ,New Mom ,Multiple Sclerosis,Alzheimer,Orthopedic,Parkinson,Stroke Rehab,Elder,Recovery Assistance -- Care Services
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